True Mesh Elite Laundry Bag

True Mesh Elite Laundry Bag

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The True Clean Elite “pack, wash and go” reusable mesh laundry bag, is an easy and effective way to keep dirty hockey gear together after a game or practice.

Just stash your sweaty base layer pieces, socks, jocks and jerseys into the bag after they've been used, close the zipper at the top and throw the whole thing into the washer, then into the dryer.

Disappearance-free in the laundry, keep all your hockey gear in one place, wash and dry all your apparel without the headache of it mixing with your regular clothing. Now you don't have to sort through the rest of the laundry to find that lost sock or jersey.

Made from a breathable mesh fabric, this bag allows ample flow through of soap and water to provide enough movement for effective cleaning and a hidden zipper that’ll never snag.

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Los Angeles, CA

My son loves the profile!

Skated on the new blades today. You did phenomenal work! The finish on the edges was great, new profile worked well, skates felt amazing.Thank you so much.

Little late but I have been skating on the blades for a few weeks now and I love them. Thank you again!!


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