The best way to mail-in skate sharpening or skate profiling is to send us your steel only. Shipping your steel only is cheaper and easier to ship then sending your entire skates. If you have an extra set of steel you have one in the mail while skating on the other. See our assortment of new skate blades for extra sets of steel. Follow the simple instructions below in order to ship us your skates or blades.

Purchase Products or Services

Select a skate sharpening or profile from our products area and checkout. Please submit your order before shipping us your blades to ensure the fastest turn around. When checking out make sure you enter the mailing address of the location where you would like the blades to be sent.

Remove Your Blades

Remove your skate steel from the holder if possible. It's much cheaper to send the blades rather than full skates. Removing your skate steel is generally a simple process and is easy to do. See the videos below for examples on how to remove your steel. Contact us with questions if you run into issues.



Package Your Blades

Package and mail your skate blades to us. You are responsible for the costs and transit of shipping your blades to us. One of the easiest and most cost effective way is to use a USPS Priority Mailer envelope. The cost is flat rate and can easily fit 3-5 sets of blades in each. Mailers can be obtained from the post office for free. If you’re not in a rush the USPS will also send priority mailers to your home for free. Simply go to their shop and select your mailers. Our personal favorite is the padded priority mail envelope. For larger items consider using a flat rate box to ensure items are safely transported.

For safe shipping place blades in a cut resistant (Tyvek or similar) envelope. These envelopes can easily be found online or at your local post office. Tape the envelope to a rigid piece of cardboard and and then place the cardboard and blades inside the mailer. The cardboard will prevent the blades from bending. Do not place tape directly on the blades, it’s very difficult to remove. Either way, ensure the blades are secured in place inside the mailer to prevent them from shifting during transit. When blades shift inside the package they will often tear the ends of the mailers. Extra packaging tape can be used on the parcel edges to reinforce it. In general 4-5 sets of blades can be taped to a piece of cardboard and placed inside of a priority mailer.

USPS/UPS ground shipping in a small box is also a cost effective way to send us your blades. All of our shipments to customers are in small boxes in order to prevent damage to the blades. The transit time may be slightly longer though your blades will be safe and secure during transit.

If you are shipping whole skates you will need to use Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes. A medium or large box should be sufficient to ship most skates. The post office provides these boxes for free. To avoid delays select the Priority Mail (Whole Skates) shipping option when checking out.

We’ve safely shipped thousands of blades to customers all over the world without issue. Please follow these detailed instructions to ensure your blades are safely delivered. Failure to do so will likely result in your package arriving without your blades inside. You are responsible for shipping your items to us. We are not responsible for items lost in shipping to us or for items improperly packaged.

If you are sending multiple sets of blades that are the same size please label the sets with a sharpie. This will prevent the sets of blades from getting mixed up. The sharpie marks can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol.

Note: If you are shipping True/VH skate blades DO NOT ship with the nut attached to them. Unscrew the nut attached to the stem on the steel and store it safely at home. If the nut is attached to the skate steel it may not sit flat in the mailer and can be damaged.

Ship Your Blades

Ship To:

K and K Skate
43330 Junction Plaza, Ste 164
Ashburn, VA 20147

USPS Priority Mail generally comes with $50-100 of insurance though consider purchasing additional insurance if needed.

Return Shipping

If you have purchased a sharpening block then you may ship us as many blades as you’d like at one time though you must pay for return shipping on each instance. Send us your blades using the above instructions and checkout with return shipping. The cost of shipping to return your blades is not included in the sharpening block.

Blades will be sent back according to the shipping option selected during checkout. The standard return shipping is UPS Ground. This is generally a safe and cost effective option. All blades are now sent to customers in sturdy boxes in order to prevent damage and bending.

Disclaimer: Orders are processed sequentially based on the date received. Contacting us the day your blades arrive to get an estimated turn around time will not speed up your order. During slow periods orders will be processed within 24-48 hours. During high volume periods order processing will take additional time. If you have a tracking number then you don’t need to contact us to see if your blades have arrived. Please be patient and plan ahead. We take time to ensure all orders are done properly and to the highest degree of quality.