JRZ Shift Max Runners
JRZ Shift Max Runners

JRZ Shift Max Runners

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JRZ Shift Max blades are designed to fit the newer True Shift Max holders. Stainless and black finish are available to ship.

For players looking to distinguish themselves in the rink, JRZ has the ultimate in hockey blades. Available in unique finishes and metals, our blades ensure that your every move on the ice is made with absolute confidence.

JRZ considers skate blades to be high-precision instruments. Our performance-oriented philosophy pushes us to review and analyze every element that contributes to a blade's performance. The result: blades that are clearly superior to the original. The interaction between your skill and the ice is what motivates us to provide you with exceptional blades.

Due to volume we currently offer only Sparx sharpenings on website orders. Each sharpening includes a free Conicity EdgeHone to remove burrs and condition the blades. You may select from either Sparx radius of hollow (ROH) or Sparx Fire. Blackstone sharpening blocks can be used on website orders. Please add your block details in the notes.

Compatible with: True Shift Max

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Compatible with the True Shift Max holder



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Los Angeles, CA

My son loves the profile!

Skated on the new blades today. You did phenomenal work! The finish on the edges was great, new profile worked well, skates felt amazing.Thank you so much.

Little late but I have been skating on the blades for a few weeks now and I love them. Thank you again!!


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