Sharpening and Leveling New Hockey Skate Blade Runners

How to Sharpen New Runners

Did you know that most new steel is not level or matched? Typically there is a decent amount of variance in all new blades as seen in the pictures below. This variance in blades will likely not go away over time and will likely only get worse. If equal number of sharpening passes and pressure are not used one blade may wear down faster than the other leaving them uneven.


The precision Prosharp machine can easily fix this by grinding two blades at once. This process allows the blades to be leveled and matched for optimal performance from day one. We perform this process on all newly sharpened or profiled steel before it leaves our shop. Buy any of our new skate steel products and we will include a complimentary blade leveling!


If the blade has also lost its shape they may also be profiled back to their original form or a new custom profile.

Before Leveling and Profiling

The image to the left is an example of what a set of blades look like before they are leveled and profiled. You can see from the photo the edges on the blades don’t match.

skate blades before leveling

After Leveling and Profiling

The image to the right is an example of what a set of blades looks like after they have been leveled and profiled. You can see that the blades are perfectly matched.

skate blades after leveling

The following video details how to utilize the Prosharp machine to make sure that blades out of the box are level before profiling. Blades can be leveled in our shop by Prosharp or manual cross-grinding.