Is Bedard on the Prosharp Ellipse Profile?

Prosharp Bauer recently posted of skate blade with Connor Bedard’s name and the Ellipse profile. Note that Bedard previously skated on True skates with Flare runners. No official word as of yet. Is this just clever marketing?

See the actual post below.

Note that the Prosharp ELLIPSE profiles were released during October 2020. The new profiles are meant to revolutionize profiling by transferring the shape of an ellipse to the blade. This is a paradigm shift going from radius profiling, which was introduced in the late 80's, to ellipse profiling. The focus is on providing the skater with the most DYNAMIC and SEAMLESS skating experience as possible. Combine maximum POWER with hyperlight AGILITY! The key feature is the seamlessness of the profiles. This gives the skater the feeling that they always have the optimal ice contact for each on-ice action.
Below are the currently available Ellipse profiles. All of the Ellipse profiles are available for purchase through our Custom Skate Profile product.
  • Ellipse 3XS (Skate sizes 212-221, 12 mm pitch)
  • Ellipse XXS (Skate sizes 230-238, 15 mm pitch)
  • Ellipse XS (Skate sizes 246-254, 17 mm pitch)
  • Ellipse Zero - Elliptic value closest to zero (a circle) – also meaning it’s the shortest profile of them all. Currently making it the most agile in the series, while packing the dynamic punch that all Ellipse profiles do. We've taken inspiration from the Quad Zero on this one, making it best suited for skate sizes 7-8 (only a recommendation). (Skate sizes 263-272, 20 mm pitch)
  • Ellipse I - The in-betweener. Best suited for skate sizes 9-10 (only a recommendation) (Skate sizes 280-288, 20 mm pitch)
  • Ellipse II - Elliptic level furthest away from zero. Meaning it’s longer, making it more powerful, but still agile. Best suited for skate sizes 11-12 (only a recommendation) (Skate sizes 296-306, 20 mm pitch)
  • Goalie Ellipse (Youth Y6-Y13.5, 7 mm pitch)
  • Goalie Ellipse (Junior 1-6, 7 mm pitch)
  • Goalie Ellipse (Senior 7-12, 7 mm pitch)